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Talent able to improve themselves to be inline with company need. Powered by EZtudia 

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Talent recruitment shall be easier for any size company with Mitra Profesi Indonesia

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We are an end to end management services company for human capital management ; from Recruitment, Training, Certification, Placement and Empoyment

Mitra Profesi Indonesia is where Talents meet Opportunities

Our Priority

  • Suitable training and preparation phase for various talent

    Embed talent with proper knowledge and skills

    Establish efficient human resources outsource system

    Responsive and tactfully care for your business acceleration 

What others say about us


"Mitra Profesi Indonesia provides quality talent and competent in our business, just as we need. I am satisfy with their service" 

Robert Barito
PT Sentra Studia Indonesia


"We are happy with Mitra Profesi Indonesia's swift solution service in providing our human resource requirement." 

Yunita Andriani
PT Mitra Integrasi Komputindo


"I was recruited through Mitra Profesi indonesia. It was quick and easy process. Their training module is really helpful to improve my career" 

Ade Cahya
Talent Manager


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